Quilting Ministries

Each story has a beginning . . . and each beginning has a storyteller. 

The story for Piecemaker Quilters began in 1997 when the founder, Kay Putnam, organized the quilting ministry at the First Baptist Church of Mount Dora. Kay’s gifts and talents for making quilts coupled with her dedication to show God’s love to people who needed quilts led to the growing number of quilters who continue the quilting ministry today. 

Currently, Piecemakers Quilters, under the leadership of Jan Allen and Peggy Smith, has grown to a quilting ministry which includes quilters from sister church-es in Lake County. It is through quilting that we have built friendships and have learned something new from each and every one. 

Hundreds of beautifully crafted quilts have been sent to local, state and interna-tional organizations throughout the world to include Ukraine, Haiti, Cuba, Venezue-la, Honduras, Brazil, Native Americans in North Dakota and Arizona, Lake County Linus Project and Mount Dora Habitat for Humanity. 

Quilter ConnecXions All quilters are welcome to join the Piecemakers Quilters group.
Date: Thursday of each week
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: First Baptist Church of Mount Dora
If you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives, please join us in fellowship in this exciting mission.


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